Do you ever wish you could have someone just look at your health and tell you how to FIX your stubborn "belly bulge" without prescribing another diet or medication?

You can have just that when you claim your spot for the Lean Belly Breakthrough!

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Your Personalized path To Healing

What's Included:

In-Depth Health & Lifestyle Review

  • Understanding your unique story will help me gain insight into your current health /weight struggles. This also includes a daily food and nutrition assessment. This is key to unlocking your solution . Value: 79

Cellular Health & Toxicity Questionnaire

  • We analyze each body system and look for patterns that reveal areas of toxicity that may be blocking your ability to heal . Value 58

Detailed Digestion & Gut Health Assessment

  • Our overall health depends on the health of our gut. This 4 part analysis gets to the root of many chronic health conditions including stubborn belly fat Value: 58

Personalized Custom Video With Detailed Action Steps

  • After I review all your information in detail I will custom create a video for you going over every bit of information provided. It will be sent to you within 2 business days after I receive your form so you can start executing the advice I offer you right away. Value: 150

Total Value: $345

Once you CLAIM your spot:

  • You will be immediately brought to a diagnostic form to fill in so I can get the full picture of what your concerns are and what you would like help with

  • Once I receive your information and go over it in great detail, I will record and send you a video of me going over everything you need. I will be sharing my screen and will also provide any feedback that is necessary in order for you to have your

    Lean Belly Breakthrough.

  • You will also receive tips on how improve your gut health, boost your metabolism and balance your hormones for lasting weight loss and optimal health.

  • I will include helpful suggestions on lifestyle habits that will enhance your health & weight loss efforts.

  • Think of this as me stopping over for a visit and helping you with your health goals!

Your personal and custom video will be sent to you within 2 business days, so you can start executing the advice I offer you. Easy peasy!

Lean Belly Breakthrough Value: $345

Your Price: $47

Here's What My Clients Are Saying:

"Before I met Margie I had constant stomach pain and bloating regardless of what I tried. Nothing helped. I had gained weight and just didn't feel good in my clothes"

"I was able to heal my gut with a few simple steps and that's when my weight really began to shift and I started losing inches!"

"No more bloated feeling …Margie's step by step instructions were key to my success. I highly recommend this if you're ready to transform your health "for good!"

"My doctor started using scary words with me that I did not want to hear! I started learning more about how to eat real and less processed foods and how to heal my gut. I have learned so much about how my relationship with food was keeping me stuck, and I'm loving the resulting weight loss, but its really about improving my health. "

Your Testimony COULD Be Next!

Get to Know Me

Margie Setterlof

IT IS possible to feel good EVERY day, achieve and maintain your ideal body size and shape in midlife and have the ENERGY to do anything you want without pain or limitation.

I’m the health practitioner and wellness coach you didn’t know you needed.

I’ll tell you what to do and show you, step-by-step, how to stay out of the doctor's office while you get fit, lean, and healthy for good!

I’ve helped multitudes of midlife women learn how to eat the foods they love and still lose weight, restore their youthful energy, and simplify their wellness routines. By taking control of their own health, they now enjoy an active lifestyle doing what they love without relying on doctors who don't understand their struggle.

I'll show you how to discover God’s best version of who He created you to be and experience a simple lifestyle of RADIANT health.

Ephesians 2:10 “ For we are God’s masterpiece.....”

Lean Belly Breakthrough Value: $345

Your Price: $47

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